Day 7 Phu Quoc

This morning at breakfast, a staff member recommend visiting Sao Beach. I did mention we have some of the best beaches in the world, but he pointed out that this is a white sand beach so I had to take the Responsible Adult there. We booked a cab for the day rate $50 which does seem expensive for Vietnam but is cheap as chips for Australia. It was surely worth the money to see a beach like we see on the net. The beach furniture was$1.50 for 2 and includes the shower. Beer was ice cold and at normal prices. Of course you can drink on the beach.
Apart from the beach, there isn’t a lot to see. We asked to see the Coconut Prison thinking that it was some ancient relic but it’s an American POW camp. Fortunately it was closed so we spent 10 minutes looking at the outside and moved on to the local Pagoda. We know the system now so paid our respects to Buddha and prayed. The driver recommended(via sign language)that I should try the local drink being sold at a stall. It was full of weird looking stuff but I want the local experience so had a go. Turns out to be a pudding, Sago, Seaweed and Glutinous Rice. Weird but filling for.50c.
Then on to the Pearl Farm where the Drivers girlfriend works. They know their reputation is bad so they start by opening an oyster to show you a pearl. Compared to Darwin the prices are very very cheap. The Responsible Adult tells me that the jewelry part isn’t too good but for the price we bought two pieces. We had no cash or cards(cards are pretty useless in Vietnam) so they said just take it and we will come to the resort later for payment. Cool.
Then back to Chen sea for a Spa treatment, happy hour(ecstatic hour for us) and an excellent meal before laying on the beach to watch the moon. Heaven.





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