Day 5 Saigon to Phu Quoc

Well it feels good to be leaving Saigon but we had an amazing time there. Today was the only day we don’t have a big itinerary so we figured we should take a look at the Banh Tranh market. We went early, about 7.30, still very hot. The markets were just settling up. 2 aisles were enough. While it’s for local people as well, it’s mainly just over priced tourist stuff. So we went back to the hotel and watched the passing parade. We could do that for hours but the street touts are very bloody annoying. It seems that we were in the red light district. All those foot massage places with the attractive young girls may just offer other services.
Sue and Bino met us at the airport for lunch and to make sure we got our boarding pass.
It’s a quick flight, just ascent and decent. At Phu Quoc airport we all got on a bus which did a U turn to the terminal. Most people laughed. Then we had some confusion with our ride and unfortunately I upset the Responsible Adult. But it came good pretty smartly when we got to the resort. 5 star service can make you feel pretty good and the first impressions of the resort is stunning. Our beachfront villa is fantastic. Here for three days so I can write plenty about it over the next few days.
Today I want to do a catch up blog on Saigon. We did so much and want to remember the small details.


Food and drinks and plenty more come past the hotel


Checking in at Chen sea


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