The Disappeared M.R. Hall

I love finding a new author that ticks all the boxes for a well written ripping yarn. This turns out to be a second book in a series about a British coroner, Jenny Cooper. Cooper is nicely flawed (marriage failed, teenage son alienated and suffers panic attacks) while being totally driven in seeking justice. She has an ex-detective assistant, but their relationship is not the best. She is also helped by a criminal lawyer who himself has spent time in the big house. There are ex SAS mercenaries running around along with an American spook who may have lost the plot. Through all this, Cooper battles on.

The book delivers plenty of surprises along the way and could certainly be described as a page turner. Look out for the extra surprise in the very last sentence.

It seems the character has come to the attention of the television people and so will be coming to a TV screen near you sometime soon.

Here’s the quote:

“She drew a certain comfort from dealing with others’ unimaginable traumas with professional detachment. Being a coroner had given her an illusion of control and immortality. While Jenny Cooper the forty-two year old woman was still struggling to stay sane and sober, Jenny Cooper the coroner had come to enjoy her job.”



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