Let the Right One In John Adjvid Linqvist

Crikey – was it just 2 weeks ago I wrote that I rarely read vampire novels, and here we are with another one. A couple of years ago I caught a bit of a Swedish movie about a young vampire. A couple of weeks later there was a review about the movie being remade in the USA. Haven’t seen it nor have I gone back to see the full Swedish movie because books are always better and this has been on my to-read list since I caught that bit of the movie.

No brooding, handsome vampires in this novel. This is an interesting read but be warned that it’s pretty dark with unlikeable characters. Our vampire is way older than you are, but appears to be a 12 year old child. It has an Igor type companion – but unlike your standard hypnotised vampire slave, this Igor is a pedophile who gets pleasure with the vampires 12 year old body. Our Igor character knows that he is certainly not in charge which alleviates his guilt. Feeling a bit disgusted? There’s more. Boundaries get pushed all over the place and the author is relentless in telling a pretty darn original tale. And there’s the hook that makes it a worthwhile read.


You don’t need me to tell you any more of the story – this comes under the heading of ripping yarns. If you don’t need your stories to be happy tales and can handle offensive characters and situations, then this may be for you. Here’s a quote that provides the feel of the book:

“There was no one to be seen so she gave in freely to her sobs as she made her way home, pressed her arms against her stomach; the pain lodged in there like an ill-tempered foetus.
Let a person in and he hurts you.
There was a reason why she kept her relationships brief. Don’t let them in. Once they’re inside they have more potential to hurt you. Comfort yourself. You can live with the anguish as long as it only involves yourself. As long as there is no hope.”


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