Cooking by candlelight

Sound romantic? Here’s a pic:

hurricane 007It wasn’t romance that set this scene up. It was a cyclone. Or, to be more precise, as the cyclone had weakened, a tropical low. Just as well it had weakened as the tropical low caused enough death and destruction. So, along with about 200,000 other houses,  the cubby house was without power, phone, internet and mobile coverage for 3 days. So here’s a couple of tips if it happens to you.

First, eat the most expensive stuff you have in the fridge. Eating a nice Stilton cheese with smoked salmon washed down by some good Shiraz eased my suffering considerably.

Second, make sure you have a portable radio, or a radio app in your devices. You need some sort of music while you are eating your expensive stuff.

Third, make sure there is some place on your downpipes where you can collect rainwater. I guess it’s possible to live on Shiraz, but someone may also want a cup of tea. And of course, there is the flushing to consider.

Finally, get a pack of cards – if you don’t know what that is, ask an older person. Playing games on your tablet is fun until the battery needs recharging but after that, it’s cards, backgammon and practicing how to make an adult film with your loved one.

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