Exploring the depths of the vege crisper

Not sure how the rest of you are coping with the heat, but there ain’t a lot of paddock work happening round here. So I decided to do a couple of kitchen jobs. First, defrost the freezer. I found lots of treasures while giving it a clean out, but want to focus on a more mysterious area of the refrigeration system – the VEGE CRISPER.  Not sure about where you live, but the shops around the Paddock don’t sell you just the right portions of veges for dinner. So you eat some and put the rest in the crisper for later, then after a Shiraz or two, you forget all about them.

According to the papers, people in Oz toss out tons of food each year. At the Paddock, we try to not throw out anything. So if you’re going to have a bash at the crisper, start off by having some newspaper on hand (I use Fairfax newspapers, but Newscorp will do if you’re into that sort of thing) The reason is there will be a whole lot of peelings, seeds etc which can be wrapped in paper and be added to your compost pile.

salad 001

The veges come in roughly two formats – hard and leafy. Anything that looks like it’s been there for a while will get used up. In the hard category, I found some pumpkin, sweet potato and zucchini. These got tidied up, cut into chunks and roasted. I put a couple of onions in as well – if I’m roasting veg, onions always get added. Just leave these in their skins to cook in their own juices. Once roasted and cooled, I chop the veg up to bite sized pieces. The onions just squeeze out of their skins and get roughly chopped. Then it’s into a bowl with some 4 bean mix, a chopped tomato or two and some chopped feta cheese. Bloody bewtiful. My cardiologist would be proud.

The green leafy stuff was spinach and celery. I got some parsley from the herb patch as well. It goes into the blender with some fruit – I used honeydew melon and grapes, plus a bit of water to make a green smoothy to wash down my salad. It’s amazing how good a green smoothy tastes – and further amazing how much green leafy stuff you can consume this way.

Obviously, for the Responsible Adult I fried a couple of lamb sausages to go with the salad – and as usual, serve with a Shiraz – one green smoothy is sufficient.


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