Chicken Parmigiana

There must be hundreds of recipes for Chicken Parmigiana, so I thought I might share mine. This dish was prepared for the Responsible Adult as I like my chooks to be running around the Paddock and laying eggs rather than on a plate. I mention this as the Responsible Adult doesn’t mind animal fats, so that’s what I use – you may wish to use vegetable oils instead.

So, I started out by frying some bacon – nice fatty bacon for the responsible adult – in bacon fat. It will be used as part of the topping so fry up a lot if you want lots of bacon flavour and less if you just want a hint of bacon. You might want to cook it well as it will get crumbled up. Then I took 2 chicken breasts cut into 3 (giving me 6 bits of chicken), and tossed them in the pan just to seal. As the first side was sealing, I added a couple of teaspoons of mustard powder and a healthy slop of Worcestishire sauce.

Chook 002

So, you just want to seal it quickly, then transfer to an oven dish. Pour in the pan juices.

Chook 003

Now whack your bacon into the food processor to crunch it up, then add some fresh bread. Using fresh bread means that the bread crumbs will soak up the juices and taste yummy. Then add some grated cheese. I use a nice sharp chedder for the Responsible Adult. Again, if you want it cheesy put in a lot. If you just want the taste to wander through, don’t add so much. Also, bear in mind some more cheese will be going on top.

Chook 004

Put your bread crumb mixture on top of the sealed chook. Get some down into any gaps between the chicken bits. Then whack a bit more cheese on the top – Parmesan at our place – then into the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Chook 006And there you have it. I roasted a few potatoes and sweet potatoes for me (I had salmon) and the Responsible Adult. A few green leaves around the plate and a nice large glass of Shiraz and you’re in business.

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