Blood in the Water – Gillian Galbraith

I don’t mind reading a bit of crime fiction after a long hard day murdering weeds. Thought I would give this one a go. Good on Gillian Galbraith for sitting down and writing a book then getting it published. You have to admire her hard work and determination. Unfortunately, I can’t admire the book. It seems a bit like a Readers Digest account of a few murders rather than crime fiction. Our hero is Alice Rice, a 30 something detective who manages to solve the crime by some police work that would seem to be fairly straight forward plus a bit of luck.

The Alice Rice character isn’t fleshed out much, but perhaps the author was thinking more about a series than a stand alone novel. Other characters are drawn out a little bit then promptly murdered – which was pretty unsatisfying. Particularly when they are later revealed to be perhaps not the nice people they seemed to be.

Plot spoiler: At the end, when Ann has bagged her villain, it is revealed that two further people were on his ‘5 people you must kill before you die’ list. Obviously, nobody deserves to be murdered, but the two survivors certainly needed to be brought to trial at the very least. But Ann didn’t seem to be too concerned – we don’t really know, the book just stopped.

I normally give a quote from a book, but this time you can have a quote from me. Do something more interesting than reading this book.


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