Magpie – the Australian type

I kinda, sort of, really like Magpies. They’re always around the place and among their calls is one that is my all time number one favourite. They’re outside now making that song. They aren’t your typically timid Dicky and often hang around on the ground in groups of two or three, just looking around the place. I generally worry that they’re up to no good and casing the Cubby house ready to break in and raid the fridge. Also, when they’re on the ground, they walk rather than hop. They will walk right up to your plate and help themselves to a bit of chocolate cake if you let them. They are the hard men of the air and will take on anything that they reckon is invading their space. It could be a big raptor – they don’t care – they just terrify it with aggro. 

Now the bad news is that in November, when the baby pies have hatched. The males get super agro about territory and will swoop down to attack humans. If they are super successful at this, the government will sanction a hit on them. Seems a shame as it ain’t that difficult to pop a hat on in November – preferably made of steel.

Anyway, here’s a pic of a pie. They’re very formal in their black and white and wouldn’t look out of place at the front door of a club, just checking out who’s coming and going and sorting out the more difficult customers.


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