Christmas Pud – The recipe

So here’s the actual recipe – 750g mixed dry fruit, a good splash of Rum, (too much is never enough) 250g butter, 500g brown sugar, 4 eggs, spices – whatever you like, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, 3 – 4 cups dry stuff (breadcrumbs or oats etc) See previous posts for how to put it together. Sharp observers will see only 3 eggs in my mix – they were bloody big eggs so I stopped at 3.

Extra tips – tradition says the pudding mix should be stirred with a wooden spoon and that the youngest person in your house should give it a stir – they get to lick the spoon. We put threepenny bits in years ago, but gave it away when they stopped making coins out of silver. Besides, what would a 21st Century kiddy-wink do with threepence? If you want to put in coins, buy some old silver coins and boil them up first. On Christmas day, give it about another half hour in boiling water to heat it. Warm some brandy in a saucepan, pour over and ignite.

You’ve still got time to make one before Christmas, so stop reading blogs and get in the kitchen. As mine is made, I will be watching the cricket. Day 3 and our brave Aussie warriors are well in front.

Here’s one I made earlier – in fact 22 years ago – my brother in law is about to set it on fire.

1990 Xmas_0002

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