5 Things to do on a Rainy Day

We finally had a rainy day yesterday. The last couple of years have been very, very wet but we are back to dry seasons now. Anyway, some tips to share with Paddock Workers.

1. Sit back and smell the rain – you’ve been working hard slaying the nasty weeds and deserve a break. Alternately, clean out the leaf guards on your down pipes. Obviously, your clever Prince had already done this when it was dry, so he can take the first option.

2. Clean the coffee machine. This is a metaphor for some item that you use daily and needs regular maintenance. At the cubby house, the Responsible Adult is in charge of coffee making. She did a turn as a barrista once and like everything else she does, she makes coffee really, really well. TIP! Make sure your Responsible Adult is on hand to explain how the bits go back together.


3. Clean out your old confidential papers. Just tie them in a string, take them down to the rainforest and leave them under a tree. Insects will have a hoot living in it and it will breakdown to become part of the humus. If you are a paranoid Paddock worker, then take down a camping chair and guard the precious papers until they rot. Don’t forget to take a bottle of Shiraz – you may get thirsty.

4. Tidy up your tools. I actually skipped this one as my youngest is STILL at home. He should be moving out in a week or two at which time I shall attempt to find all his secret locations for my tools, tidy up and replace the ones that went through the wardrobe into Narnia.


5. Do nice things for the Responsible Adult. This should actually be a daily task. Our Responsible Adult gets a cup of tea followed by breakfast in bed (Crispy bacon and eggy bread) followed by another cup of tea. In the arvo, she gets a bubble bath and Shiraz at 5pm. On a rainy day, try to do extra stuff.

Think I’ll head off for some pruning. The heat is making everything grow like crazey.

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