Don’t throw your Weeds away

Nothing that grows on the Paddock leaves the Paddock. There’s no point in tossing away weeds, prunings or anything else that has used the nutrients from your soil. You want to keep all that stuff and put it back into the soil. The only stuff that goes to landfill from here is Moth Vine seeds (too risky to let loose) Avocado and Mango seeds both of which will survive composting and grow. I keep about 6 compost bins in various locations around the place. They are almost impossible to fill. The stuff at the bottom rots and compacts so there is always room for weeds, small cuttings, vege scraps, coffee grounds and whatever.

Every so often, I stop putting stuff into one and leave it for a year. When you come back, there will be a small pile of black compost.

OK – but what about those bad, bad weeds that may still manage to survive a compost bin? I keep a handy wheely bin with a lid. The bad boys go in there. Leave it in the sun for a while to cook those little buggers. This bin gets emptied under the Mulberry tree where it is very dark. Nothing survives. Cool ain’t it?


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