Trip to Briz-Vegas

Here’s a double whinge for today – firstly, Blogger won’t let me upload pictures for some reason – so you don’t get to see pics of Briz-Vegas and secondly I had to go to Briz-Vegas yesterday.

It is called Briz-Vegas by those of us who grew up in a nice capital city called Brisbane. Successive Governments have decided that:

1. It would be really cool to knock down all the lovely old buildings and replace them with nice new 600 storey monsters. That’s because visitors don’t want to see historical buildings they want to see what they can see at pretty much any other city.

2. If we keep cramming more and more people into Briz, then everybody will have lots more money and we will all be happy. Yeah – right.

So they took a perfectly charming big town and have turned into a high rise noisy crowded city with substantial traffic problems. The last Government tried to fix the traffic by installing roads in the sky as well as tunnels under the ground. The sky roads are sooo attractive. You get to pay for driving in the sky or underground, so poor old Paddock Workers have to shuffle along at ground level with all the other paupers.

Anyway, I went there with Old Mate next door to register our plan of subdivision. We both have lenders involved and his mob took exactly 364 days to agree to this and turn up at the Titles Office. But the plan is lodged so the end of a 6 year process has finally happened.

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