Good to have a good mate

By David Paulson

So local artist David Paulson is having a survey of his works at Noosa Regional Gallery. David is a recognised artist nationally and Good Mate is fortunate to own a couple of pieces. We also have a small piece of David’s work. Good Mate advised he and his lovely Missus would go up for a peek-a-boo today and invited us along. The Responsible Adult decided to stay home to work on her tan and do the annual change over in the wardrobe from winter to summer gear.

Another work by David Paulson
Me trying for that Paulson pose

It surely was nice to be picked up in an air-conditioned Land Cruiser and be driven to the Gallery. We spent sometime admiring the works and watching David chat to us on the Gallery’s TV. It was all inspirational and I wouldn’t mind popping down to La Studio to have a bash with some pastels after seeing all those lovely images. Alas, our eldest is currently residing at La Studio – I shall say no more on that. After the show, Good Mate suggested that he should shout fish and chips at the Noosa Marina. Fish and chips at Noosa Marina is recommended. So Good Mate then decided he wanted to buy a bit of fish for his dinner. He came back with some Snapper which included a piece for me. So I got a nice day out chauffer driven to the Art Gallery, lunch and dinner. At no time did Good Mate even mention his trailer which I borrowed about 3 weeks ago.
Now, Paddock Workers I’m guessing by this time you don’t need me to explain why it’s good to have a Good Mate. If only he had a wine cellar full of Shiraz – oh that’s right, HE DOES!
Here’s a picture of me with David.

David winning the People’s Choice Award SCAP 2006


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