Repairing the Wheelbarrow

So, a few years ago, I purchased this here Wheelbarrow. I really liked the wooden handles. Anyway, the struts underneath were made of hollow tube metal and these tended to fill up with rain. Rust set in and a few years later I had a useless wheelbarrow. So I asked Google if it would sell me some new struts. No way. I could buy a new bucket or a new wheel, but no struts. So I figured I could toss this one on the scrap heap or plant flowers in it and get a new one, or work out how to repair this one. So I went to see Pancho the friendly welder at Conondale. Pancho made me some nice new struts for $100. Seems pretty dear when you could buy a whole new wheelbarrow for about $160 – BUT – I’ve got a wheelbarrow that is a lot tougher than a new one and uses flat galvanised steel for the struts. These should last a very long time plus I provided some $$$ to a local tradesperson. Good for me. While it was apart, I gave the timber handles a nice coat of Sikkens, then painted the metal black (looked like the Bat-barrow), then copper (I know that was just silly) then red. I do like red. So here it is ready for some hard yakka.

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