Whats on the Kindle Iain Banks

I rarely go in for Sci-fi in a book, but Iain Banks is an exception. He writes in a literary style with complex characters and plotting. He is not limited to the genre but it is his Sci-fi series on the ‘Culture’ that has got me in. The ‘Culture’ – a human species are much advanced having developed artificial intelligence. The humans and mechanicals get along spiffingly well.Droids have the same rights as humans. For example, destroying a droid would be considered murder. As well as droids, the Culture have created minds. These machines are highly intelligent and while piloting huge star ships, communicate with each other to develop strategies for the future well being of the galaxy. While this is a part of a series, the Culture novels are independent and can be read in any order. Each novel introduces new characters in the context of the imaginary Culture. Each novel puts its characters in extreme situations – has numerous twists and turns and develops the characters so, so well. Give it a go – if you don’t like it, you can always come to the paddock for a bit of nice relaxing weeding. Here’s the quote (I think Banks must have served on a committee or two):
  “I just think people overvalue argument because they like to hear themselves talk.”

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