Installing a garden tap

After a couple of weeks of wandering hither and thither to gather water to mix concrete for posts, I thought it would be a pretty darn good idea to install a garden tap down at La Studio.
So I concreted in a 200×50 sleeper. Don’t know how long it was – it was an off cut that looked like it was just the right size. After concreting it in, I decided to put another very small off cut on the top as a platform. Thought it may be a good spot to park a beer. Then I painted it red. I do like painting things red. Or black. But mainly red.

A little while ago, Good Mate let me have an old Balinese garden seat that was rotting in his garden. It has some nice bits of usable timber, so I used some to make an edge for the platform. This also gave me an overhang which helped fit the tap – the tap was fine, really, it was the big lumpy pipe fitting directly under it that was the problem. I left it over night, then this morning, lined up some 1inch black poly pipe with suitable fittings, attached a garden tap and Robert is your Uncle. Decided to put the tap on the side and the hose reel on the back so I could put a bit of calligraphy on the front. As it faces East, I thought Buddha could sit on the top. I should think a nice little garden of native violets around it will finish it off. And there’s still room for a couple of beers on the platform. The calligraphy is double happiness (signifying me and the Responsible Adult) then love twice. I know, I’m sucking up.

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