Buying Old Tools

But first, an update on yesterday’s outing to the Junk Shop. Didn’t happen. We got just down the road when the Responsible Adult got a text from her Good Mate offering a girly day out at the beach, shops and cafe’s. Any reasonable Paddock Worker would obviously agree to giving up his day out under these circumstances, so the Responsible Adult had a day out playing and I got to spend a fun filled day mixing cement. Wahoo for me.

 You may already know that I buy my paddock tools second hand as the old ones seem to be much better than the new ones. How the planet got to this I don’t know. But its not only paddock tools that may be purchased second hand but all sorts. You see there are these Old Boys who are giving up their suburban retreats in favour of Units, Town Houses, Grey Nomad Vans and even Old Boy retirement homes. When doing this, Old Boys also wish to exchange their tools for cash as their days of being Handy Men are over. Some Old Boys have particularly good tools and only want tiny bits of cash in return. So here’s my new best tool a 14″ Makita Compound Dropsaw. Wahoo. Look at that big old sleeper sitting there. The Makita will cut it like a chainsaw going through a birthday cake. 
It was a shame that the Old Boy didn’t have a table bench for it so I bought a nice Chinese one from Bunnings. 
Anyway, it’s Sunday morning and you know what that means – Weeding!! – O yes.

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