The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Pretty normal sort of a day here. Weeding then some weeding, then the Responsible Adult came home so I cooked up some eggs and bacon for her. Then weeding, then pruning ready to take down to the revegetation area tomorrow. BUT THEN ……… an email from Big Sis suggesting I may be incorrect in respect to how long we have been at the paddock. 

My first thought was a referral to Salman Rushdie’s works so that she could get comfy with the idea of ‘Magic Realism’, but then thought perhaps it’s time to get up front with the truth. Besides, it’s so long ago, I had probably forgotten. And of course, Big Sis is as usual – correct which I discovered after locating the original contract.

So … to be abso – bloody – lutely precise, we have been at the paddock:- 

  • 533,952,000 seconds
  • 8,899,200 minutes
  • 148,320 hours
  • 882 weeks (rounded down)
  •  Or if you prefer 6,180 days or 16 years, 11 months and 1 day. We moved here on the 29th September 1995. But perhaps we should not get hung up on time spent, instead examine improvements made. So I put it to you that the big nasty weeds (Privet, Lantana, Camphor Laurel and Yellow Berry) are gone from the Paddock. About a thousand (Big Sis may now come and count them) Rainforest Trees have been planted and a new letter box (see pic at top) has been installed. I rest my case.  
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