Yellow Faced Whip Snake

About a year ago, the Responsible Adult started to tell me stories of seeing pink snakes around the vege patch. All sorts of snakes visit the paddock – pythons, tree snakes, black, brown, tiger, whip – and they are all welcome. Perhaps not the browns and tigers so much but generally I can outrun them. Anyway, I had never seen a pink snake so my immediate reaction was to check the Cognac (The Responsible Adult and her girlfriend have been known to knock back a few) But the Cognac levels were OK so I have been waiting to see these pink snakes.

As the weather starts to warm, so does the libido of male snakes. So as I was around the vege patch the other day, two “pink” snakes did the horizontal limbo. 

Yellow Faced Whip Snake

 After playing a fair bit of kiss-chasey, our lovers settled down to the business of making baby snakes which allowed plenty of time for a few happy snaps to mark the occasion. Getting a really good photo allowed me to positively identify these crazy kids as a particular type of whip snake that we haven’t had before. 

If you want to know more about these, go here:

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