T Lobsang Rampa

Wow! Finished stage one of the spring paddock weeding. Time to go and do some other fun projects like digging holes for a break. To keep me company, I decided to catch up on some podcasts. One of my subscriptions is the lovely BBC ‘Play of the Week’

The plays are varied but often have as their subject cultural references from my teenage years – most memorable a play based on the relationship between legendary WHO drummer Keith Moon and rabble rousing actor Oliver Reed. Today the play was about the publisher of ‘The Third Eye’ by T Lobsang Rampa or Cyril Hoskins if you prefer his birth name. Following the discovery that T Lobsang was in fact Cyril, he claimed that the spirit of the Tibetan Lama had taken over his body when he became a bit tired of life (or perhaps his plumbing job)

I started reading the T Lobsang Rampa books back when John hadn’t even met Yoko and the Beatles were still to release the ab fab double White album. After about half a dozen books, the series started to get seriously silly even for a young desperately willing believer like me.  

Anyhow, the nostalgia trip was very cool. Remembering a time when anything was possible, mystics and gurus where in ready abundance for naive youngsters and I had no idea what a bloody weed was. 

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